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2019 BWBFL x USQLS JUNIOR Moot Competition

Welcome to the Junior Moot Competition!

Mooting is a widely renowned form of competition amongst legal students throughout the globe. The skills needed to be successful in such a competition are designed to mimic those of real world legal advocates. Not only must a competitor be confident speaking in a forum which scrutinises their argument but must also have confidence in their understanding of the law they are arguing.

Team work is also an essential element to competing because, much like in the real world, legal professionals often rely on their co-counsel to help build their case against the opposing side. This competition provides valuable experience to newly enrolled law students who are keen to hone such skills in a professional setting.

The Junior Moot Competition is open to students who are enrolled in 2019 and have not yet completed 8 courses (LAW) and is run separately over both campuses. It is comprised of a maximum of eight (8) teams on each campus with each team consisting of two (2) counsel. The competition will be held over a single day at the Wonderley & Hall Moot Court on the Toowoomba Campus and the Moot Court on the Springfield Campus.

Each team will compete twice – representing both sides. The winner is decided on the overall cumulative results from both moots. The winning team from each campus will compete against each other in a Grand Final to be held at a special location.

The winners will receive highly-coveted work experience opportunity with our competition sponsor, Best Wilson Buckley Family Law.


Time and Date

10am, Sunday 8th September 2019 (Toowoomba and Springfield)


Toowoomba Campus: Wonderley & Hall Moot Court, Q Block, Level 4

Springfield Campus: Moot Court, Level 5


Registration is open until midnight, Tuesday, 13th August 2019 or when the eight (8) positions are filled – whichever comes first.

Follow the link to register:

Information Session Details

At 11am on the 13th August, an information session will be held at the Toowoomba campus where Vice President and Best Advocate of the 2019 USQLS Championship Moot Tournament, Katie Lush, will step you through how to prepare and deliver submissions for a moot. This workshop will be available for online and Springfield students via zoom.


The winning teams from each campus will receive two weeks work experience with our competition sponsor, Best Wilson Buckley Family Law.

The winning team from both campuses will receive tickets to the 2019 USQLS Law Ball!

Moot Guidelines

Click here: USQLS Junior Moot Guidelines.pdf

Click here:

Moot Question

Click here: BWBFL x USQLS JuniorMoot Question.pdf

Grand final DETAILS

Time and Date




Further information and enquiries

Please contact Competitions Director, Chelsea Keirsnowski at: