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If you would like to make a contribution to the USQ Law Society Law Review or have any questions about contributing please email our 2023 Vice-President Law Review, Yoon Kim, at

The Law Review

The USQ Law Society Law review is a bi-annual publication run by an editorial board made up of a vice president law review, editor and chief and 4 editors. The publication focuses on publishing articles concerning various areas of law and is open to submissions from USQ Law Society members, USQ staff and any external legal stakeholder. Interested patrons should email the Vice-President Law Review at

The 2023 team consists of Vice President Yoon Kim, editor-in-chief Robyn Edmanson, and editors Farhan Khudir and Takwa Murad.

Summer Edition 2022 USQ Law Society Law Review

The editorial board is proud to present the summer edition of the 2022 law review. This edition touches on a variety of ideas within the legal sphere from the contemporary to historical. The editorial board thanks all of the authors for their contributions.

The latest edition of the law review is able to be accessed here.

Winter Edition 2022 USQ Law Society Law Review

The editorial board is proud to present the first edition of the law review for 2022. The edition has been split into three parts, the first considering Australian Law, the second considering International Law and the final section considering Legal Theory and Literature. The editorial board thanks all of the contributing authors for making this edition possible.

The winter edition of the law review is able to be accessed here.

Summer Edition 2021 USQ Law Society Law Review

The Summer edition of the 2021 USQ Law Society Law Review is available for perusal here. The Summer edition exemplifies four years of hard work by Tory Webb who dedicated his time to furthering not only the goals of the USQ Law Society. The USQ Law Review provides our members with an unprecedented international reach with their contributions to the law review. This edition includes a marquis article by Professors John Devereux and Andrew Clarke Of Tall Poppies and Fat Cats: Liability for Federal Corruption. The USQ Law Society is indebted to both these Professors for their invaluable contribution to the Summer Edition 2021 of the USQ Law Society Law Review.

Inaugural Issue of the USQ Law Society Law Review

It is with great pleasure that we announce today that after 3 years of research, false starts, setbacks and successes the USQ Law Society would like to share with you all the inaugural issue of the USQLS Law Review. The publication would not have been possible without the support of the amazing Editorial Board and all members of the USQLS Executive. The USQLS Law Review Winter Edition 2021 is a collection of works spanning multiple areas of legal theory, legislative critique and historical perspectives of law, taking a modern approach to the peer-reviewed journal process. To access the journal, please click the following link.

Submit Your Article

Ever had an interest in publishing your assignments or want to pursue a career in academia? The USQLS Law Review is a perfect step towards either of these goals. As an academic law journal, the USQLS Law Review Editorial Board works to publish two papers annually ranging from various topics, all concerning the law. 

The USQLS Law Review Editorial Board of 2023 are proud to open submissions for the Winter Edition of the USQLS Law Review 2023. Members, law students, academics and external stakeholders are all invited to submit articles for consideration. Submissions will close in early April and will be promptly reviewed by our highly-skilled team of editors before being published in early June 2023. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the USQLS Law Review, please contact Vice-President Law Review Yoon Kim at

The Origins of the USQ Law Society Law Review

Tory Webb joined the USQ Law Society in Semester One of 2018 and initially proposed the idea of a student run peer-reviewed journal to the then Competitions Director Katie Lush. Over the following weeks he put together a stakeholder opportunity presentation alongside a project charter to present to the USQ Law Society executive in an executive meeting where they voted the affirmative for.

For the remainder of 2018 Tory created a project management report encompassing the entire Law Review and how it would benefit not only the members but also all la students as a whole. Tory was elected by the member body into the then role of USQLS Law Review Director role, for the duration of the initial term and that of his subsequent term in that position again in 2020 where he sought to build a foundation for the journal for students to build upon after he had launched the project.

At the end of 2020 the USQLS Law review reached its first major milestone with the Soft Launch, giving the opportunity to test the initial foundation, systems and structures that were implemented to enable to publication to succeed. The soft launch saw interest from members of the AAT and academics from other law schools throughout Queensland. With a successful soft launch, the final phase of project management was entered into, with the initial goal being that of creating a consistent portal for submission of articles from students, academics and legal professionals alike. On 28 May 2021, the USQLS Law Review attained an ISSN and the initial soft launch was lodged with the national edatabase to begin the foundation for future years.

The USQ Law Society is indebted to Tory’s initiative and work in establishing and publishing the USQ Law Society Law Review which is set to provide opportunities for students and the law society in the years to come.